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We are an Auckland based company that runs cheap, efficient and highly customizable phone systems. Get a phone system that works exactly the way you want it to!

VoIP phone systems that work both in and out of the office

Your phone system will work whether you are in the office or working remotely. We can customise your phones to be as simple or complex as you need it to be.


Professional voice artists for a professional business

You can record your own phone messages, or can use our voice artists to record professional auto-attendants, voicemail and queue messages.


VoIP Auckland

Why choose our phone systems?

IT Helpdesk

Great support!

We are real people, in Auckland who strive to give our customers a great experience!

Remote Support

Highly customisable

We can make youur phone system as simple or complex as you like. We also offer power user access.

IT Management

Hosted PBX

Designed for modern NZ businesses. Your phone system will be hosted in the cloud to help you stay connected.


0800 numbers

Your professional 0800 numbers don’t have to be expensive. Get an 0800 for your business today!

High Quality

Consistently high quality

We have over 3 years of consistently high quality customer reviews

Phone Systems Auckland

Fast response times coupled with a friendly IT service desk


You don’t have time to waste sitting in lengthy phone queues when you need something changed or want support. Our support line is uncluttered, fast, and will conenct you to a trained professional.

Benefits of our VoIP system

Preventative maintenance

100% uptime

Our equipment for the APAC region is collocated in Equinix and Colcocity data centres, creating full GEO redundancy for New Zealand customers.

Backups and recovery

Drag and drop interface

We can give power users access to their own drag and drop interface to allow them to make changes to their phone system on the fly!


Advanced reporting

Call queue statistics, user performance, volume statistics, inbound/outbound calls and more!

The Goldilocks of VoIP Providers

Big enough for any business, small enough to keep it personal

Where most big-name VoIP providers take a get-in get-out approach, we see the power in being personable and professional. We’ll give your business the time and consideration it needs to get exactly what you want.

Your Personal phone system partner

Technology aside, communication with customers and suppliers form the backbone of your business. This means that keeping them in touch, while offering them immediate solutions to IT problems, is the best way to enhance your operations and keep things running smoothly.

At FortifyIT, we believe that phone support should come with exceptional customer service

Great Prices!

While many providers snag you with lengthy contracts and hidden fees, with us you know exactly how much things cost, and we don’t lock you into a long-term contract. Our systems are month to month.

Web phones, desk phones and apps

Connect the way you want to

We offer multiple ways for you to connect to your phone system.

You can utilise our web-page based phones to connect from any computer.

You can install a softphone.

You can have a desk phone if you perfer a physical device.

If you’re primarily mobile based, you can use a mobile app.

Or, you can have the best of any or all systems, the choice is yours! We can customise your VoIP system to your needs.

Customer Service

IT Helpdesk Performance

Average seconds response time


Customer satisfaction

Get your professional VoIP system now

Get in Touch Today to Start the Process

If you aren’t completely happy with your phone systems or provider, then reach out now. We will tailor a solution to suit you and the needs of your business.

We would love to hear from you!

Our expert consultants look forward to dicussing your business and requirements!


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